I will shake every place I go to

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Written by:
Priscilla Kane Hellweg
& Rachel Kuhn

SOJOURNER’S TRUTH: "I will shake every place I go to" is a touring, theatrical concert for youth audiences which explores the extraordinary life of Sojourner Truth – based on primary source documents. Integrating theater, music, dance, projected images and historical text, SOJOURNER’S TRUTH takes the audience on a multi-dimensional tour of Sojourner Truth's life, exploring her experience as a Northern slave, her spiritual walk to freedom, her search for home and community, and her emergence as one of the foremost public speakers of our time.

SOJOURNER’S TRUTH addresses many standards-based themes within the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, including:

➢ Slavery, Abolitionism, and Equality

➢ Legislation and the Right to Vote

➢ Civil War and related themes

➢ Important political and cultural figures of the time including Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Beecher Stowe

Performance length: 60 minutes

"I highly recommend that any class/school undertaking a meaningful examination of race and racism as well as seeking to develop deep understanding of our nation's very checkered history as regards enslavement and its aftermath give very serious consideration to bringing this brilliant and engaging play to your community. It inspired me and my students and illuminated the life of a true American hero."
-Teacher, Northampton, MA

 “The show was amazing! I was so inspired, SO inspired...We were moved in a powerful way and it helped us talk about some important issues. Bravo!"
-Teacher, Northampton, MA

“It was educational, artistic and beautifully made. I think everyone who sees it will be inspired and want to stand up for what Sojourner Truth stood up for, equality, love and peace.”
-6th grade student, Northampton, MA

This program is funded by the Sojourner Truth Memorial Statue Committee, the Xeric Foundation, the Art Angels, Whalen Insurance, the Saul O Sidore Foundation, individual donors and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


For more information, please contact Jean Butler at 978-263-0108. 

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